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Qi LIU, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

G6723, Yeung Building,

Department of Physics,

City University of Hong Kong

83 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong,

Hong Kong, China


Tel: +852 34427808 (office)

Fax: +852 34420538




We are always looking for highly motivated students to join our group.

Prospective graduate students please feel free to send inquires to Dr. LIU Qi.

We anticipate 2~3 students each year. 

For the Postdoctoral Fellow position, please send your CV and cover letter

to Dr. LIU QI directly.

Candidates preferably have a Ph.D. degree in Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or related field.

We also welcome visiting scholars and students to join our group. 

Positions Opening

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